by Rebecca Cant

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Hassles Sparse & wonderful, clever lyrics, lovely voice with pianistic foundation & acoustic guitar.
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This EP is a short collection of songs written since 2005. They are mostly about love and longing, life and death.

I recorded them over a snowy weekend at Brad Wheeler's home in Seoul, Korea, January 2010.

I am asking £4.50 per EP - or you can download the tracks individually for £0.80 each. However, if you wish to donate more, I will accept with gratitude.


released January 1, 2010



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Rebecca Cant Bristol, UK

Rebecca Cant is a Bristol-based singer-songwriter whose heart-felt music is inspired by the mountains of Korea, the vivid chaos of India and the slow heat of Kentucky. Warm and sincere, her sound blends blues, country, folk and soul with velveteen-smooth vocals. ... more

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Track Name: Threads
You know these threads between our hearts?
They get thinner with the time and the further we’re apart
But they never break - just cause a little pain
Until they bring us together again

Feel me...

There are times in the darkness at night
When I feel your thread and you’re pulling it tight
Well, it’s a sad pain like a hole in my heart
But I breathe and feel you, and we’re never apart

Feel me...

Well these threads are alive, so you’re never alone
And there are threads that bind you to everything you know
Like the threads between you and the Sun, Moon and stars
And the threads that weave between our hearts
Track Name: Lorna
In the end, we will all meet our maker
And in the end, your soul shall surely shake ya
And in the end, Lorna, you will see
How beautiful you are, and how beautiful you’ve been

In the end, you will, you will be laughing
And in the end, you’ll be floating on the breeze
And in the end, Lorna, you’ll be ocean waves
And you will be, you will be released

Lorna, Lorna
Lorna, I’ll see you in the end

And in the end, there is, there is no end
And in the end, everything you’ve seen
Will melt down into an endless love
And you will see how beautiful it’s been

In the end, this will all come unravelled
And in the end, it’ll all come undone
And you will see the beauty of the road you’ve travelled
And the beauty of everything you’ve done

Lorna, Lorna
Lorna, I’ll see you in the end
Track Name: Cowgirl Song
If I were a cowgirl,
I would ride to you,
‘Cross the aching desert, ,
I would come to you.

If you were a cowboy,
In some red dirt town,
You would welcome me,
You would lay me down.

If I were the rain,
I would fall on you,
Kiss your hair and eyelids,
Like I used to do,

But I’m not a cowgirl,
And you’re not in town,
And no rain falls on this dusty ground.
Track Name: Dance in the Puddles (Passionate Rain)
I need poetry runnin' through my head,
Silence doesn't come easily.
And all the things I think and feel,
Pound in their intensity.

Great Zen masters train their minds
To stop these thoughts before they start.
But great zen masters take to the hills
Far from the heat of human hearts -
Far from the beat of human hearts.

And I dance in the puddles of a passionate rain,
And I tread a damp and sensual ground.
For though there may be trouble here,
There are golden flowers to be found.
Golden flowers to be found.